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Machinery has a habit of breaking down at the least convenient moment. st_0807_7_main_inline_1.jpgNothing goes on for ever - so how can you minimise the inconvenience caused when your forklift truck decides to take an unscheduled break?

To make matters worse, it's almost certain to break down when you're right in the middle of a rush order for a new client and have extra shifts booked in to cope with the demand. The following advice should at least help you to reduce the chances of this happening to an absolute minimum.

1 Accept the need for maintenance

Forklift trucks are complex machines and they tend to be worked hard. From brake pads wearing, to chains stretching and forks dragging, there are many parts that need checking, maintaining - and, from time to time, repairing or replacing. It's important to accept this need and follow manufacturers' recommendations on a maintenance regime.

2 Do your daily checks

Daily checks are your first - and best - line of defence against unwanted breakdowns. Ensuring your operators stick to a simple routine before using the truck enables any problems to be caught early on.

3 Use properly qualified engineers

If you have elected to take care of maintenance yourself, make sure you use mechanics who have been properly trained in forklift truck maintenance. Remember that forklift trucks are highly specialised, not to mention high-risk, pieces of equipment. If you have a service agreement, then make sure you have read the agreement thoroughly and understand what you are paying for and what you are entitled to in terms of maintenance. And then make sure you get it!

Our conclusion

Rather than waiting for your truck’s next breakdown, introduce your drivers to a system of daily checks. This ensures potential problems are pinpointed early on and remedied. A reputable forklift maintenance specialist can recommend a series of daily, fleet and annual checks for your site. Following these guidelines will reduce unnecessary breakdowns and - more importantly - make unexpected bills a thing of the past.

  • Action points
  • Schedule daily and pre-shift checks
  • Read through service agreement
  • Contact maintenance provider for advice
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